I purchased a dozen Bags Over the Last Year and These three Are My favorites

Over the last year I have added a number of bags to my collection. Recently, I was taking inventory of my wardrobe when I realized I’ve added about a dozen bags to my collection because last spring, which is a lot (even for me). I don’t want to say I regret purchasing so numerous because I certainly love all of them. They each play an integral role in my wardrobe, but there are three star players that stand out. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase them again—these three bags give me those giddy, “what did I do without you” and “I can’t live without you” feelings, and I highly recommend them to anybody wanting to purchase a new Handtasche. If you want to treat yourself to a new bag, I’ve noted my three favorite recent purchases below. You never know, you could even end up being my bag twin!

Céline Phantom Luggage Tote
The first bag I cannot believe my collection went so long without is my Céline Phantom Luggage Tote. I had sought after this bag for numerous years and the moment I took it out of the delivery box last spring, I knew this bag was well worth the wait. It become an instant favorite of mine. Céline bags from the Phoebe Philo era have always been aspirational for me and to finally be able to own my dream bag from that time period still gives me a thrill.

My Phantom Luggage tote is not my many functional bag by any means. It is certainly oversized and very heavy with its luxurious suede lining, but it is easily my favorite purchase from the last year (possibly ever). The bag makes such a statement and any time I carry it I feel like the most trendy person alive (even if I’m just wearing leggings on my way to a barre class). A bag that can make you feel like that is worth every single penny if you ask me! Céline (Celine?) is still selling Luggage bags on its website, but I opted to get mine on Fashionphile to get a steep discount and an original Philo era bag.

Gucci Marmont take on Bag
My Gucci Marmont bag is another purchase from last year that I would happily make again. Gucci Marmont bags are incredibly popular among bag lovers (Megs, Kaitlin, and I all own one if that is any indication), but they’re popular for good reason. The Marmont collection has numerous designs, but I opted to get the small take on bag, which is a versatile video camera bag shape. I have been vocal of my love for big bags, so I was uncertain of how much use I would get out of a smaller crossbody bag. I have been shocked and pleased by how much wear I get out of this little Gucci bag!

It is big enough to fit all of my essentials, is extremely functional and it’s also easy to wear. The leather is resilient as well, which is really essential for me when spending so much on a bag. I wore this Gucci video camera bag to bars, restaurants, sightseeing abroad, and to numerous baseball games last year and it doesn’t have a scratch or scuff on it (quite impressive, honestly). snag my exact bag for $1,290 through Gucci, or check out the most recent pastel additions to the Gucci Marmont line.

Louis Vuitton Onthego GM
The third and final bag I would not hesitate to purchase again is my Louis Vuitton Onthego. This Louis Vuitton bag is polarizing in the handbag community, as I find many people either fiercely love or hate this bag. Obviously, I am in the camp of those who love it and I am pleased that I was able to add it to my collection. I went on a wild goose chase last summer trying to track down this bag and I even considered paying double the retail price for one (thank you to those of you who talked me off that ledge).

My journey to obtaining an Onthego was a long one, after missing out on the limited edition khaki color version and trying unsuccessfully to track one down in Paris last summer. I finally found an Onthego in a Louis Vuitton boutique this past winter season and rapidly scooped it up and brought it home. I should admit that the khaki color Onthego is “the one that got away”, but I still am quite pleased with my reverse monogram version. Louis Vuitton recently released this style in different sizes and materials, and I could easily see myself adding a leather version of the Onthego bag to my collection in the near future.

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