PurseForum Roundup – July 15

Greetings, purse lovers! thank you for stopping by for one more edition of the PurseForum Roundup, a peek into the week’s conversations, reveals as well as more at tPF. summer style is always a favorite, as well as we checked in with Chanel, Gucci as well as more. We hope you enjoy what we have put together for you!

In Gucci this week, kat99 modeled her new Disco bag, and her thread includes the much-appreciated “what fits in this bag” shots. The modeling shots are terrific, too.

And speaking of the Disco, here is one more modeling shot from super stylish Dextersmom, found in the What lovely Gucci are You carrying Today? Faden.

Louis Vuitton’s understated Empriente leather is extremely popular, as well as we found anncelyn’s new Montaigne MM front as well as center this week. Bvan1968 is trying to decide between a couple of Louis Vuitton bags as well as could use some help in this thread, so if you feel like sharing, weigh in, please!

CamaroChic has some thoughts about LV’s new key case in Vernis, as well as you can catch up with the topic in this thread. There is no doubt that our members love small leather goods, as well as for many of us, the devil is in the details.

Louis Vuitton made some changes on this key-and-coin case, as well as the conversation is still underway. Of course, the bag above is not the key case in question, but raspberry is one of the offered colors as well as doesn’t it look pretty in the summer sun?

Last but certainly not least, here is DonauWallers’s Noe, just for fun, as well as since this looks like a very refreshing hangout on a hot summer day! This moment of summer is brought to you from the Louis Vuitton in action thread, where you really never know what you will find.

Hiddencharms made the most of her first trip to Gucci as well as brought home quite an impessive haul, which she let us share in her lively reveal thread. You will want to pay a visit as well as savor each one of her carefully selected treasures. Rashmi likewise brought home a few bags from Gucci earlier this month; you can see her “haul” right here, as well as heads up: this thread likewise includes some very cute flats.

When one of our members asks if anyone’s around, it ‘s always fun to be one of the ones who is! A live reveal is a treat, as well as we found this one in Valentino this week. The Rockstud tote is a fun bag, as well as this reveal thread from CoachCruiser really shows it off beautifully.

The “action threads” are always a huge hit in our forums, as well as we always make a point to check them out whenever we can. We found this eye-catching shot from Greta_V this week, as well as we love this edgy take on styling the Rockstud pump.

When it comes to their luxury purchases, our members share the good as well as the poor with their fellow fashionistas. In Valentino member nikki2304 relates her experience with a repair, as well as in a related vein, meowwu wonders if it is best to have her new shoes fitted with protective soles before wearing. Our members weigh in on topics like these in every subform, as well as we love them for it!

It’s ok to pause as well as enjoy these. We sure did. TraceySH posted these in the very popular “Oops….” thread in Chanel. This thread comes with a poll, since TraceySH did some very serious shopping earlier this month as well as needed some help from her fellow Chanel fans. drop in as well as see how this all turns out. The input from our members is interesting as well as the bags are gorgeous!

LVLifer is thinking of taking the plunge into the waters of Chanel, as well as her conversation with Chanel fans makes an interesting read. As you might imagine, they are quite supportive of the idea.

Chanel’s joy of July thread is the place to see the new purchases rolling in, as well as we found this delicious pink chevron herringbone Mini, as well as a sweet lambskin rectangular mini from JoeyLouis. Our members have been really busy this month, as well as if you are a fan of the brand, this thread is not to be missed!

Coach lovers got a real treat this week when MonsieurMode revealed a runway bag in his “Out of this World” thread. decorated bags are not always our thing, but this one is fun, crisply executed as well as looks great.

Thank you for stopping by; we love having you as well as love reading your comments. We look forward to one more visit next Friday and hope you have a lovely summer week. let us leave you with a reminder from our friends in The Kitchen’s I Ate This thread – eat something delicious every day!

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